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  1. One can only take the exam twice within a 24 hour period. If you this is case its, why you don’t have the additional link. We will resend a refresh code on your account just to be sure.

  2. John Stampfli says:

    Exam link is still not working.

  3. Has it been over 24 hours since your took the last exam?

  4. We are showing 16 successful downloads of the manuals can you explain what you are experiencing?

  5. We may have fixed your issue. It has something to do with the coupon violation and we resolved it. You should be able to download the manuals now.

  6. Your certificate was sent to ‘counterspook@gmail.com’ on Sat 11/4/2017 at 9:27 AM.

    Please check your spam folder.

  7. John Stampfli says:

    Can you resend my certificate please.

    Thank you,

  8. John Stampfli says:

    Got it. Thank you very much!

  9. Click on my account and available downloads for the manuals and the audio files.

  10. We reset your account and you should now see the training materials.

  11. Olesja Shatkhin says:

    Greatly appreciate it! Whats the study process? Which manual I need to read first? I see there is 2
    Thank you

  12. You don’t see the training manual when you click download manuals? They are listed as available download.

  13. FCRA Certification says:

    This is a trade association exam and we do not provide what is missed. If we did, all of the test questions could be released to the public.

  14. Has it been 10 days since you passed your exam. The certificate are usually sent within 10 days. However, I noticed that you have an outlook account and you probably won’t get it because outlook email has been bouncing back. It is best to provide a yahoo or gmail account for us to send your certificate incase it was already sent and bounced back.

  15. juan agudelo says:


    please help me with this.

    warm regards

  16. Certificates are sent to email from 3 to 10 days.

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